The jewelry designer Rodrigo Otazu, known for his high-class jewelry, has made an exclusive collection for the 
charity organization Terre des Hommes to raise money to help children rescued from the sex industry.

The collection will include 3 necklaces including a Swarovski drop pendant (logo Terre des Hommes), 
three sets of earrings and 2 bracelets in 3 different colors. When only one of these jewelry items is bought, 
one child rescued from the sex industry will be able to go to school for a whole year and can start a new future! 

MR O: "Children are our future and I want just want to give them a better life." The jewelry will be available 
at all jewelers in the Netherlands. 

About Terre des Hommes 

Worldwide, more than one million children are engaged in the sex industry. 
The physical and emotional damage to these children is enormous. 
Girls are often still a virgin when they receive their first customer.

Terre des Hommes has programs against sexual exploitation of children all over the World. 
They provide assistance to victims through shelter and therapy. But also through information, education, 
investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators in order to prevent child prostitution.