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Luxury isn’t just for special occasions. Elevate your day 
with Mr O’s masterfull crafted designs for the woman of today.
His sterling silver jewelry designs make a bold and beautiful style statement. 
His 18k gold and diamond designs have “that” magic and unique touch.
If it’s your birthday, anniversary or just any other cause, 
there’s never been a better time to show your loved ones you care.
MR O’s fine craftsmanship is exemplified in his designs, which seamlessly contours your wrist, neck or ear and Just becomes one with your body.

We offer the best quality

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one, a thank you, a keepsake or even just a personal indulgence, there are many wonderful reasons to commission bespoke jewellery or select one of our unique or limited edition ready to wear pieces.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is prized for its beautiful 
luster and durability. Follow our tips 
to keep your sterling silver designs 
looking as good as new

Platinum and Gold Jewelry

Platinum and 18k gold are celebrated 
for their incredible radiance. 
Discover more about these precious metals 
and learn how you can maintain their beauty

The jewelry designer Rodrigo Otazu, known for his high-class jewelry, has made an exclusive collection for the 
charity organization Terre des Hommes to raise money to help children rescued from the sex industry.

Mr O respresents a powerful message of hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mr. O’s 925 sterling silver Collection was born in the darkest time in the history of humankind. Even though we are all living and going through this difficult time, Mr. O represents a powerful message of hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking up into the dark night to the sky, the music was playing, and the stars were shining. At that moment we can all find ourselves with this very simple message of HOPE and to believe in the solidarity of our friends and neighbors to have more compassion, more love, and more understanding.

This is why the stars are shining all over this collection. As every star has the quality to be called LOVE.

Shine on the little star 
never loose
that unique

Mr. O