One of MR O earliest memories is sitting on the washing machine in the garage before dinner, swinging his legs, watching his polo-playing, silversmith grandfather solder bolo ties and belt buckles. “Making jewelry,” he says,” is engrained in my blood.” So is entrepreneurship. At the age of five, He sold handmade caterpillar googly-eyed ribbon barrettes to a local kid’s store. That same year, when his parents went to Bueno Aires for the weekend and left him with his brothers, They launched a Pr company called JJ Cimbra.

So it was no surprise, years later — when Mr. O, a long-time wardrobe stylist, designed his own necklace to commemorate the birth of his Mother, someone he love and admired until today ” his source of inspiration ” as he calls her … “I didn’t connect with what the jewelry market was offering to feel,” He says. “Everything felt girly and insubstantial.” He wanted a powerful, perfect charm a strong collection with a “star” sign. A talisman. A heavy, tiny, or not totem to touch throughout the day, to keep close to her skin, representing p, rebirth, transformation. Finding none, He made his own: a 14-carat gold dog tag hand stamped with his Mom family logo. Soon, everyone on set from gaffers and grips to A-list actresses was requesting custom designs. She fulfilled his first orders out of the bedroom of hIs apartment. In July 2019, Uma Thurman wore a Mr. O necklace on the cover of Glamour, and the business was officially born.

Mr. O traveled around the world to find his own path his own way … he becomes an extremely successful Designer in Bijoux working from Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alexander Mc Queen to learn and refine his craft, Being part of that world took me to work in the movie Sex and the city who I design several pieces of statement bijoux necklace, cuff and earrings … But he wants it more … diamonds and fine Jewelry touch his heart and make his dream to design sterling silver 925 gorgeous items to leave us saying OOOOOO I want that!

Everything that Mr. O designs, from 18-carat white diamond solid gold bespoke bracelets to a single brass ear cuff, is thoughtfully created and grounded in his dedication to his family, his home, and life philosophy. Simple, sculptural STAR pieces can be worn on their own or mixed together: multiple rings on one finger, fine jewelry with sterling silver 925 jewelry, a single, earring mixed with a statement choker. Worn with sneakers or sleek dresses, with blue jeans or beanies, link chains glittering with enamel heart charms can be layered with 24 K rose gold plated on 925 silver ( top quality ) letters and diamond pave Star pendants. Timeless charm necklaces and gold hoops are the perfect gift to commemorate new beginnings — weddings, bat mitzvahs, births, new jobs, second marriages, and all meaningful life transitions — representing authenticity, tenacity, and abundance. “Investing in one of our pieces is an investment in yourself,” says Mr. O. “My goal is to grow with our clients.”

Mr. O is a global jewelry label that creates unique pieces, stocked in over 500 of the world’s most exclusive department stores and shops. Every design is handmade in the studio, located in the historical center of New York and Amsterdam, with high-quality materials. Rare vintage mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, and semiprecious stones are finely crafted to achieve a contemporary aesthetic with a timeless feel.

These elaborate creations by Mr. Otazu for the MR O brand are the reason for its continuing growth as a recognized fashion jewelry brand all over the world. The name of Mr. Otazu’s designer for the MR O brand currently represents exquisite style and superior craftsmanship.

“It all started with my grandmother’s dressing table. Then my mother It was always covered with beautiful jewelry and enameled hairbrushes… and so from a very young age, I was hooked…”

With a BA degree in Fine Arts (— London and Buenos Aires ) and later a Masters Degree in gold-smithing (Munich, Germany), Mr. O started his own fashion jewelry label in New York in 2019. What began as a dream to make beautiful pieces of jewelry from his apartment in Madrid, has grown, magnificently, into an international fashion jewelry label.

Mr. O draws his inspiration from everyday life, transforming these impressions into a “Modern Architecture “-look that has become his signature style. A hands-on approach and a meticulous eye allow Anton to design exceptional pieces and oversee the production within the studio.

“Jewellery is something personal, something intimate and should be made with love”

The culture of contemporary jewelry.
Believe in the power of jewelry to make every day and every outfit more special.
Love the accumulated stories that all pieces tell about you.
Get creative with them. A new approach to jewelry shopping: less formal (and more fun).

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Jewellery, fashion and design are equal parts of our DNA. We believe in women.
We decide to make the most out of every moment in life. Our style is many styles.
We feel 100% feminine, 0% cheesy.

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